da Matteo Vallgatan opened its doors in July 2007 and is a café located in the courtyard at the intersection of Vallgatan/Magasinsgatan in Gothenburg. The courtyard is an amazing oasis in the city centre that is open all year round. It is possible that you may think you are somewhere around the Mediterranean when you sit here having coffee...

Behind the doors you will find a place full of life in the afternoons and a lovely quiet spot in the mornings. Different raw materials come together in the interior - concrete, wood, brick and stainless steel. The large massive wooden table invites you to new meetings.

This is the place where we started roasting coffee in 2007 and back then you could follow the freshly roasted coffee aroma along the entire street. We moved the roastery to its new premises in 2010 and gave way to more café guests.

On the menu you will find salads, pizzas, sandwiches and pastries and buns along with freshly roasted coffee. Your barista will assist you in choosing between different coffees and pastries from our bakery.



Vallgatan 5
411 16 Göteborg

+46 31 13 06 09