Truly Special

Ever since we started roasting coffee in 2007, we have tried to find a way to communicate what type of coffee we purchase, roast and sell — speciality coffee. The consumer often asks if our coffee is organically certified, of holds any other certifications. The answer to that is not as simple as one might think. Wu buy coffee from small scale producers, and we are ourselves a rather small company. Existing certification systems are build for large production and companies, and also do not include two aspects we think are highly relevant when it comes to sustainability: quality and flavour.

We have therefor created our own system, which is a self scanning program for purchases of green coffee. It also helps us communicate what type of coffee we sell — as it gives the customer a unique insight into the conditions at farm level. 

This self scanning program, we call Truly Special. It includes a evaluation document which is used for five different aspects: ecology, economy, social, flavour and quality. Thereafter, a formula is used to calculate a Truly Special point. It is only the coffees where we, or our importer, have been able to visit the farm and have good knowledge of it, that we call Truly Special coffees. 

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You can also see each Truly Special coffees evaluation document under selection.

Coffee producer Don Carlos Montero, with his coffee, outside our roastery