We have roasted coffee for ten years now!

Ten years ago we opened up our second cafe and also put a roasting machine in there and began to roast coffee. To roast coffee in the centre of the city was for us not only a dream and a natural step in our business development, but also the retrieval of a craftsmanship into the city. The inner city began to smell coffee again. This combined cafe and rostery was situated in the corner of Vallgatan / Magasinsgatan - a place in the city that had not begun to blossom. It was deserted and shady when darkness fell. Now, ten years later, it is now of Gothenburgs most loved places which both tourists and locals have come to love.

A lot has also happened in the specialty coffee industry over these ten years. Our coffee roastery was Gothenburg's first specialty coffee roastery, and one of the first in Sweden to start. We look forward to keep supplying the people of Gothenburg with great coffee, and also sending it out beyond the borders of Sweden.


    Coffee packaging da Matteo

Coffee packaging da Matteo    Coffee packaging da Matteo