There are no short cuts to great coffee. 

We want to offer coffee that tastes as it should. Where we have managed to get all those flavors out that the raw product contains naturally. To help us, we have our 35 kg Loring Smart Roast - which produces both a clean taste and is kind to the environment.

Before the coffee arrives at our roastery on Magasinsgatan in Gothenburg, it has been on a long journey. 

Growing, harvesting, processing and transporting. We then roast the coffee, with great respect to the previous stages of the coffee process, we try to preserve the hard work that a lot of people have put into maintaining the quality of the coffee.

We roast the coffee until all its natural flavors are perfected. Each coffee has a unique roasting profile. This means that we do not use expressions such as dark, medium or light roast. The coffee is simply ready when it tastes the best.

Here is a short film from 2010, of when we installed our roaster: Unboxing the Loring Smart Roast