Close collaborations create higher knowledge and understanding

Since we started roasting coffee, in 2007, our quest has always been to buy coffee as directly as possible from the producer. We wish to connect the entire chain - from the coffee producer to you who will drink the coffee. To buy coffee that we know something about and to share that knowledge with you as a coffee drinker.

To do this, we follow the concept of ”relationship coffee”, in the purchasing process of green beans. The coffee we buy runs through a value chain consisting of producer, exporter, importer and finally da Matteo as roaster and retailer. Relationship coffee means that there is regular communication and good relationships throughout the whole chain, regardless of the actors with whom da Matteo concludes the trade agreement.

Relationship coffee is thus based on close collaboration at all levels, increased knowledge and mutual understanding as well as durability and sustainability. The producers benefit from relationship coffee, since they will better understand the trade partners' needs and wishes, get help to refine their product and increase their income.