Moka pot

The classic Moka Express was created by the italian designer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and still has a given place in most Italian, Spanish and French homes. It is made out of aluminium or stainless steel and is put directly on the stove top. The pressure that is created inside the brewer press the water from the lower container up through the filter with the ground coffee, and into the top container. The result is a strong coffee with character as an espresso.

Dosage of coffee: Level measure in the filter holder
Grind setting: Slightly finer than medium
Dosage of water: Up to the valve
Temperature of water: Cold water

Here is how you do it

Fill the lower container with water up to the valve. Fill the filter holder with ground coffee. Don´t pack it too hard, simply level off the grounds to get an even distribution of the coffee. Screw the brewer together and top it on the stove top on medium heat. When the coffee starts coming up into the top container, remove it from the heat and let it finish the brewing.