Matts Johansson, founder and owner of da Matteo, has 35 years of experience in the restaurant and café industry, of which the last 22 years is in the café industry. He is one of the pioneers of the barista and coffee shop culture in Sweden and has extensive knowledge in its history and future. Matts is also one of the pioneers within the coffee competitions, the World Barista Championship, the Swedish Barista Cup and the team competition Nordic Barista Cup. Matts has also worked as a consultant for Arla Foods (the Latte Art milk project) and the Swedish Dairy Association (the latte project).

Matts is a former Board Member of World Coffee Events and a Board Member of the Nordic Roaster Forum. He is the former chairman and founder of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, Swedish Chapter.

Matts has extensive experience in holding lectures about modern coffee culture and specialty coffee's development, and the creation of educational programs about café/coffee in schools. All of this is offered, please do not hesitate to contact us if this would be of interest.

Matts Johansson