Espresso has become one of the worlds most popular brewing methods. By nine bars of pressure, a small amount of strong coffee is brewed. The modern espresso machine was invented in 1937 by Achilles Gaggia and is today available for use in the home or in the coffee bar. It is a brewing method were great care should be taken when grinding, dosing and keeping track of brewing time, to let the coffee really reach its potential.

Number of cups: One double espresso
Dosage of coffee: Around 20 grams
Grind setting: Fine
Dosage of water: 5 cl ready espresso
Temperature of water: 95 degrees celsius

Here is how you do it

Grind the coffee straight into the portafilter and press with your tamper to get an even and tight result. Flush the machine to remove any coffee residues and to even the temperature. Put the handle into the machine, place a cup underneath and start the brewing straight away. Let it brew for 25-30 seconds and until you have reached around 5 cl of espresso in your cup. If you get too little liquid in the cup in this time, adjust the grind setting more coarse and vice versa. Espresso brewing is complex and differs from machine to machine and coffee to coffee, so a little bit of practice is needed to get a great result.