Electric filter brewer

In the 60´s, the electrical filter brewers replaced out traditional Swedish boiled coffee and today there are numerous electrical filter brewers on the market. Things to consider when selecting a brewer is that the brewing temperature should stay between 92-96 degrees celsius and the brewing time should stay between 4-6 minutes. These two parameters are part of the guidelines that the Europeans Coffee Brewing Centre use when they certify brewers, and their certification is a good thing to look for. Also remember that your own grinder is an essential part of brewing a great cup of coffee.

Dosage of coffee: 60 grams
Grind setting: Medium
Dosage of water: 1 litre / 1000 grams

Here is how you do it

Put the filter into the filter holder. Rinse with some water to remove the paper flavor. Grind the coffee and put it into the filter. Turn on the brewer. When the coffee is covered with water — stir to make sure all coffee has mixed with the water. When the brewing is ready, remove the pot from the heating plate and serve it directly or pour into a thermos for later serving.