Our bread


Levain means sour dough in French. The perfect levain bread is the one with big air holes which makes it light and airy. This bread has a nutty character. It is perfect to toast or use for bruschetta.

Our levin is baked with organic flour from Limabacka and our sour dough. The sour dough is fed each evening and then left to rest for 24 hours to mature and develop its flavors before we use it.



Our popular baguette is baked in a way called Poolish. It means we mix a little yeast, wheat flour and water and let it prove between 12-16 hours. We then add more flour and salt, shape it and bake it. This creates an amazingly airy baguette perfect for seafood during summer and soup during autumn.


Rye bread

This is a form baked bread on rye sour dough, rye flour and a little wheat flour, and water. Topped with rye flakes. With its acidic inside, it lasts several days and is perfect for the breakfast table, or just as it is any time of day, with just a little bit of butter.


Dark rye bread

This is also a form baked bread baked on rye sour dough. It also contains rye flour, syrup and our seed mix consisting of oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds and linseeds. A somewhat milder and sweeter flavor than our rye bread.


Caraway seeds

This round bread is proved with rye sour dough, but baked with wheat flour. Caraway seeds are gentle folded into the dough at the last stage. The round shape helps this bread to stay fresh for several days. Best enjoyed with a spicy cheese and a good ale.


Loaf of Spelt 

This is a whole grain bread which has proven to be very popular. We bake this loaf with 70% spelt and 30% wheat flour from Limabacka. It´s proved in the fridge over night. Spelt is an old grain that reminds us of the flavor bread had back in the old days — somewhat acidic, heavy in the mouth feel and a crisp outside. 



A real goodie full of apricot, raisins, fig, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, sun flowers seeds and linseeds. Baked on rye sour dough and little yeast and 100% rye flour. Is proved free-standing which creates an oval, somewhat lower bread. With its sweetness it´s the perfect bread for cheese. Lasts for days and is best sliced thin.


Herbal bread

This bread is also baked with wheat flour from Limabacka, and wheat sour dough. We also massage a herbal oil containing rosemary, thyme and parmesan into the dough. Topped with sea salt. Similar flavor as our levain. A perfect bread for caesar salad.


Hazelnut bread

A bread with lots of good stuff! Hazelnuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, syrup and yoghurt. Baked on bicarbonate and wheat flour and spelt — both whole grain and sifted. Tastes almost like a muffin and is a good replacement of the scones on your Sunday breakfast table.


Crisp bread

Swedish crisp bread our way. Baked on rye sour dough and bicarbonate, and also rye flour, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseeds. Topped with sea salt. Perfect saltiness and lots of seed in the after taste.



We also bake pastries, cookies and cakes every day and two products we feel especially strongly about are our buns: cinnamon- and cardamon. Baked with a lot of Swedish butter and lots of love. We also bake carrot cake, brownies, different cookies and other sweets for our cafes.