We won four Swedish coffee championships in 2017

Between 22-25 February 2017, the SCAE Sweden Coffee Fest and this year's Swedish coffee championships took place. da Matteo won all four competitions we entered and in the competiotions where we had several competitors, we took all the top spots in the finals. We came home with four first prizes, two second prizes, two third prizes and a fourth prize. Filip, Albin, Steven, Clara, Markus, Gabbi and Christofer made all of us at da Matteo incredibly proud. They are fantastic baristas, but even more are they great colleagues and friends. They have polished each other's pitchers, sorted each other's coffee, carried each other's grinders, listened to each other's presentations and tasted tasted tasted each other's coffee - not just that weekend, but during several months of training.

da Matteo has been involved since the beginning of coffee championships - competed, judged, organized, helped set rules - in Sweden and internationally. Our involvement in the competitions has been fundamental to where we are today. These recent successes are a result of this engagement.


The worlds 8th best coffee taster

In June, we went to World of Coffee in Budapest where World Brewers Championship, World Latte Art Championship and World Cuptasters Championship took place. We are happy to announce that Markus Vestergaard placed 8th out of 42 in World Cuptasters Championship! Clara Drake Pihlgren placed 29 out of 39 in World Latte Art Championship and Albin Frid placed 28 out of 41 in World Brewers Cup. Congrats and well done to all of you!

da Matteos competition successes 2017

1st prize Swedish Barista Championship - Steven Moloney
1st prize Swedish Latte Art Championship - Clara Drake Pihlgren
1st prize Swedish Brewers Championship - Albin Frid
1st prize Swedish Cuptasters Championship - Markus Vestergaard
2nd prize Swedish Brewers Championship - Gabriella Runesson
2nd prize Swedish Cuptasters Championship - Albin Frid
3rd prize Swedish Brewers Championship - Filip Odeholm
3rd prize Swedish Cuptasters Championship - Christofer Landström
4th prize Swedish Cuptasters Championship - Clara Drake Pihlgren
8th place World Cuptasters Championship — Markus Vestergaard

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