Coffee from one farm or cooperative


Colombia Tarqui



An area in Colombia that we are particularly fond of is Tarqui. In recent years, the competition Copa Café Especial Tarqui, has been held and we have had the honor to judge it. It was during this competition that we met Yobani Ramos for the first time and got the chance to taste her coffee. Hard work and high ambitions drives her to grow amazing coffee and this was proven during the competition that she won. Located at 1750 meters is her farm, Finca La Fuente, where she cultivates the arabica type Caturra. This is a truly fantastic coffee.


Taste profile: Juicy and sweet with notes of tropical fruit and red berries

Process method: Washed

Arabica variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level

Harvested: July 2017
Truly Special points: 8,0 / 10,0


Rwanda Nyamagabe



Francine and Immaculate are two sisters that decided to return to their family home and start a coffee farm, a few years after losing their whole family in the genocide in Rwanda. When their first harvest came, they decided that their next step was to build a washing station of their own. So they moved from planting, to harvesting, to processing. Now they do not only produce and process their own coffee, but also buy coffee cherries from neighbouring farms, especially those run by women. Today women also run all aspects of their washing station.


Taste profile: Juicy and floral with notes of peach and apricot
Process method: Washed

Arabica variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1600 meters above sea level

Harvested: July 2017